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2018-05-12 "The Ultimate Relationship"2018-05-12 "The Ultimate Relationship"Bruce Wagner
2018-05-05 "Game of Thrones"2018-05-05 "Game of Thrones"Pastor Alden Ho
2018-04-28 "What is Sin?"2018-04-28 "What is Sin?"Elder Dennis Priebe
2018-04-14 "The Last Generation"2018-04-14 "The Last Generation"Pastor Reggie Phillips
2018-04-07 "Heaven Bound"2018-04-07 "Heaven Bound"Michael Young
2018-03-31 "Walking in His Steps"2018-03-31 "Walking in His Steps"Benny Jenkins
2018-03-24 "No More"2018-03-24 "No More"Pastor Alden Ho
2018-03-17 "The Questions We Don2018-03-17 "The Questions We Don't Want Answered"David Steingas
2018-02-17 "Coming Alive" 2018-02-17 "Coming Alive" Pastor Alden Ho
2018-02-10 "Individual Diversity"2018-02-10 "Individual Diversity"Benny Jenkins
2018-02-03 "For This Purpose"2018-02-03 "For This Purpose"Doug Mitchell
2018-01-27 "Soldeirs or Colonists"2018-01-27 "Soldeirs or Colonists"Pastor Jasper Iturriaga
2018-01-20 "Team Work"2018-01-20 "Team Work"Benny Jenkins
2018-01-13 "The Watery Grave"2018-01-13 "The Watery Grave"Pastor Alden Ho
2018-01-06 "Second Chance"2018-01-06 "Second Chance"Pastor Alden Ho
2017-12-30 "A Fresh Start"2017-12-30 "A Fresh Start"Pastor Alden Ho
2017-12-16 "Always"2017-12-16 "Always"Pastor Alden Ho
2017-12-09 "Clearing a Path"2017-12-09 "Clearing a Path"Pastor Rodney Mills
2017-12-02 "Active Shooter - Preparedness & Readiness"2017-12-02 "Active Shooter - Preparedness & Readiness"Pastor Alden Ho
2017-11-25 "Even in the Little Things"2017-11-25 "Even in the Little Things"Pastor Alden Ho
2017-11-18 "Maturity?"2017-11-18 "Maturity?"Benny Jenkins
2017-11-11 "The Flower Girl - Bride"2017-11-11 "The Flower Girl - Bride"Benny Jenkins
2017-10-28 "The Nail that Sparked History"2017-10-28 "The Nail that Sparked History"Pastor Alden Ho
2017-10-21 "Message #3 of 3"2017-10-21 "Message #3 of 3"Pastor Alden Ho
2017-10-14 "Message #2 of 3"2017-10-14 "Message #2 of 3"Pastor Alden Ho
2017-10-07 "Message #1 of 3"2017-10-07 "Message #1 of 3"Pastor Alden Ho
2017-09-30 "WHY?"2017-09-30 "WHY?"Benny Jenkins
2017-09-23 "World View?"2017-09-23 "World View?"Benny Jenkins
2017-09-16 "Priorities"2017-09-16 "Priorities"Benny Jenkins
2017-09-09 "A Momentary Thought"2017-09-09 "A Momentary Thought"Pastor Alden Ho
2017-09-02 "After the Honeymoon..."2017-09-02 "After the Honeymoon..."Pastor Alden Ho
2017-08-26 "The Uninvited Guest"2017-08-26 "The Uninvited Guest"Pastor Alden Ho
2017-08-19 "Let it Shine"2017-08-19 "Let it Shine"Pastor Alden Ho
2017-08-12 "Building an Altar"2017-08-12 "Building an Altar"Pastor Alden Ho
2017-08-05 "Nature"2017-08-05 "Nature"Benny Jenkins
2017-07-29 "The Oxymoron"2017-07-29 "The Oxymoron"Pastor Alden Ho
2017-07-15 "What Makes You, You?"2017-07-15 "What Makes You, You?"Pastor Alden Ho
2017-07-08 "The Great Resurrector"2017-07-08 "The Great Resurrector"Pastor Reggie Phillips
2017-07-01 "Example"2017-07-01 "Example"Benny Jenkins
2017-06-24 "Grab the Rope and Don2017-06-24 "Grab the Rope and Don't Let Go"Pastor Alden Ho
2017-06-17 "The Ministry of Heresies"2017-06-17 "The Ministry of Heresies"Pastor Alden Ho
2017-06-10 "Warning! Only One Route Out"2017-06-10 "Warning! Only One Route Out"Pastor Alden Ho
2017-05-27 "What is Grace?"2017-05-27 "What is Grace?"Pastor Alden Ho
2017-05-20 "Transitions" - JCA Baccalaureate2017-05-20 "Transitions" - JCA BaccalaureatePastor Adrian Solis
2017-05-13 "Are You Saved?"2017-05-13 "Are You Saved?"Pastor Alden Ho
2017-04-29 "The Distance of 12 Inches"2017-04-29 "The Distance of 12 Inches"Pastor Alden Ho
2017-04-22 "Do You Really Believe It?"2017-04-22 "Do You Really Believe It?"Pastor Alden Ho
2017-04-08 "What is Your Purpose"2017-04-08 "What is Your Purpose"Brenda Wilson
2017-04-01 "Winner/Loser?"2017-04-01 "Winner/Loser?"Benny Jenkins
2017-03-25 "The Books Were Opened"2017-03-25 "The Books Were Opened"Pastor Reggie Phillips
2017-03-18 "Thy Will Be Done..."2017-03-18 "Thy Will Be Done..."Pastor Alden Ho
2017-03-11 "Dealing with Doubt"2017-03-11 "Dealing with Doubt"Pastor Alden Ho
2017-03-04 "The Body"2017-03-04 "The Body"Bob Esau
2017-02-25 "If"2017-02-25 "If"Pastor Alden Ho
2017-02-18 "Correcting the Sin" part 2 of 2 2017-02-18 "Correcting the Sin" part 2 of 2 Pastor Alden Ho
2017-02-11 "Correcting the Sin" part 1 of 22017-02-11 "Correcting the Sin" part 1 of 2Pastor Alden Ho
2017-02-04 "Creation: Does it matter?"2017-02-04 "Creation: Does it matter?"Dr. Art Chadwick
2017-01-28 "Doing the most for the Least"2017-01-28 "Doing the most for the Least"Pastor Alden Ho
2017-01-21 "Who Are You?"2017-01-21 "Who Are You?"Pastor Alden Ho
2017-01-14 "Transformed"2017-01-14 "Transformed"Bob Esau
2017-01-07 "First Things First "2017-01-07 "First Things First "Pastor Alden Ho
2016-12-31 "Great Possiblities"2016-12-31 "Great Possiblities"Benny Jenkins
2016-12-24 "Star Light, Star Bright"2016-12-24 "Star Light, Star Bright"Pastor Alden Ho
2016-12-17 "Just One Thing"2016-12-17 "Just One Thing"Pastor Alden Ho
2016-12-10 “Running on Empty”2016-12-10 “Running on Empty”Elder Carlos Craig
2016-11-26 "Giving Thanks"2016-11-26 "Giving Thanks"Pastor Alden Ho
2016-11-19 "Puritans & Pilgrims"2016-11-19 "Puritans & Pilgrims"Pastor Alden Ho
2016-11-12 “Prize or Surprise”2016-11-12 “Prize or Surprise”Benny Jenkins
2016-10-29 "What Color is the Manna?"2016-10-29 "What Color is the Manna?"Pastor Alden Ho
2016-10-22 "Still Waiting"2016-10-22 "Still Waiting"Pastor Alden Ho
2016-10-15 "The Sin of Second Hand Sex"2016-10-15 "The Sin of Second Hand Sex"Pastor Alden Ho
2016-10-08 "Good News to the other side"2016-10-08 "Good News to the other side"Pastor Elton DeMoraes
2016-10-01 "Doubts"2016-10-01 "Doubts"Pastor Alden Ho
2016-09-17 "A New Day"2016-09-17 "A New Day"Benny Jenkins
2016-09-10 "Joy"2016-09-10 "Joy"Benny Jenkins
2016-09-03 "Could Jesus Have Sinned?"2016-09-03 "Could Jesus Have Sinned?"Pastor Alden Ho
2016-08-27 "Obsolete"2016-08-27 "Obsolete"Pastor Alden Ho
2016-08-20 "Three Times"2016-08-20 "Three Times"Pastor Alden Ho
2016-08-06 "God2016-08-06 "God's Ear Plugs"Pastor Alden Ho
2016-07-30 "Where Are You?"2016-07-30 "Where Are You?"Pastor Alden Ho
2016-07-16 "Justified & Satisfied"2016-07-16 "Justified & Satisfied"Pastor Alden Ho
2016-07-09 "Seven Ducks in Muddy Water"2016-07-09 "Seven Ducks in Muddy Water"David Troyer
2016-07-02 "What No One Else Knows"2016-07-02 "What No One Else Knows"Pastor Alden Ho
2016-06-18 "Seeing the Heart of Jesus"2016-06-18 "Seeing the Heart of Jesus"Benny Jenkins
2016-06-11 “We Would See Jesus”2016-06-11 “We Would See Jesus”Benny Jenkins
2016-06-04 “Do You Have a Grasshopper Complex”2016-06-04 “Do You Have a Grasshopper Complex”David Troyer
2016-05-28 "The Door of Probation"2016-05-28 "The Door of Probation"Pastor Alden Ho
2016-05-21 "A Living Sacrifice"2016-05-21 "A Living Sacrifice"Pastor Alden Ho
2016-05-14 "The Gospel"2016-05-14 "The Gospel"Pastor London Lee
2016-05-07 "What Are You Offering?"2016-05-07 "What Are You Offering?"Pastor Alden Ho
2016-04-30 "What Are You Wearing?"2016-04-30 "What Are You Wearing?"Pastor Alden Ho
2016-04-23 "Pearl vs Pearls"2016-04-23 "Pearl vs Pearls"Pastor Alden Ho
2016-04-16 "How Committed Are You?"2016-04-16 "How Committed Are You?"Pastor Bill Tucker
2016-04-09 "Sound Mind"2016-04-09 "Sound Mind"Benny Jenkins
2016-04-02 "Actions Speak Louder Than Words"2016-04-02 "Actions Speak Louder Than Words"Pastor Austin Powell
2016-03-26 “The Secret Service”2016-03-26 “The Secret Service”Pastor Alden Ho
2016-01-16 "You Will Be a Witness"2016-01-16 "You Will Be a Witness"David Troyer
2016-03-12 "Return-to-Home Button"2016-03-12 "Return-to-Home Button"Pastor Alden Ho
2016-03-05 "Jesus Plan for True Obedience"2016-03-05 "Jesus Plan for True Obedience"Benny Jenkins
2016-02-27 "Going to Extremes to See Jesus"2016-02-27 "Going to Extremes to See Jesus"David Troyer
2016-02-20 "Is It Worth the Chance (GAMBLE)"2016-02-20 "Is It Worth the Chance (GAMBLE)"Pastor Alden Ho
2016-02-13 "ESSENTIALS"2016-02-13 "ESSENTIALS"Benny Jenkins
2016-02-06 "The Greatest Hope"2016-02-06 "The Greatest Hope"Pastor Alden Ho
 2016-01-30 "He Will Not Fail You" 2016-01-30 "He Will Not Fail You"Michael Charles
2016-01-23 "2520 The Unprophetic Date"2016-01-23 "2520 The Unprophetic Date"Pastor Alden Ho
2016-01-09 "It Is Written"2016-01-09 "It Is Written"Wirmin Alcantara
2016-01-02 "Angel Curiosity"2016-01-02 "Angel Curiosity"Pastor Alden Ho
2015-12-26 "The Simple Gifts"2015-12-26 "The Simple Gifts"Pastor Alden Ho
2015-12-19 "Working for the salvation of the Lost"2015-12-19 "Working for the salvation of the Lost"Michael Charles
2015-12-12 "The All Important Question"2015-12-12 "The All Important Question"Pastor Ron Woolsey
2015-12-05 JCA Christmas Program2015-12-05 JCA Christmas ProgramChristmas Program
2015-11-28 "Fundamentals of Godliness"2015-11-28 "Fundamentals of Godliness"Benny Jenkins
2015-11-21 "Naaman2015-11-21 "Naaman's Thanksgiving"Michael Charles
2015-11-14 “Soul Winning”2015-11-14 “Soul Winning”Pastor Alden Ho
2015-10-31 "Tell Them"2015-10-31 "Tell Them"Pastor Alden Ho
2015-10-24 "Power in the Blood"2015-10-24 "Power in the Blood"Michael Charles
2015-10-17 "Blindness With Open Eyes"2015-10-17 "Blindness With Open Eyes"Pastor Alden Ho
2015-10-10 "What Do You See"2015-10-10 "What Do You See"Pastor Alden Ho
2015-10-03 "Unworthy"2015-10-03 "Unworthy"David Troyer
2015-09-19 "Prayer & Pride"2015-09-19 "Prayer & Pride"Pastor Alden Ho
2015-09-12 "Caring People"2015-09-12 "Caring People"Pastor Joe Watts
2015-09-05 "From NFL to SDA"2015-09-05 "From NFL to SDA"Michael Charles
2015-08-29 "Sufficient Grace"2015-08-29 "Sufficient Grace"Pastor Malcolm Douglas
2015-08-22 “Counsel for the Remnant”2015-08-22 “Counsel for the Remnant”Pastor Alden Ho
2015-08-15 “The Lamb and the Scroll”2015-08-15 “The Lamb and the Scroll”Pastor Alden Ho
2015-08-08 "Cultural Christians: Callout"2015-08-08 "Cultural Christians: Callout"Pastor Alden Ho
2015-08-01 "Cultural Christians: Eating from the a la carte menu"2015-08-01 "Cultural Christians: Eating from the a la carte menu"Pastor Alden Ho
2015-07-18 "The Blessed Hope"2015-07-18 "The Blessed Hope"Fred Coker
2015-07-112015-07-11G.E. Session (livestream)
2015-07-04 “Arise! Shine! Jesus is Coming”2015-07-04 “Arise! Shine! Jesus is Coming”G.E. Session (livestream)
06-27-2015 Growing in Grace06-27-2015 Growing in GracePastor Alden Ho
06-20-2015 Follow Me06-20-2015 Follow MePastor Alden Ho
06-13-2015 Help Me Lord06-13-2015 Help Me LordPastor Alden Ho
05-23-2015 Two Baptisms05-23-2015 Two BaptismsPastor Alden Ho
05-16-2015 Making It05-16-2015 Making ItPastor Alden Ho
05-09-2015 O Jerusalem Jerusalem05-09-2015 O Jerusalem JerusalemPastor Alden Ho
05-02-2015 Watchful05-02-2015 WatchfulBenny Jenkins
04-25-2015 India: The Land to be Evangelized04-25-2015 India: The Land to be EvangelizedPastor Alden Ho
04-11-2015 His04-11-2015 HisPastor David Troyer
04-04-2015 How to Keep a Solid Faith During Final Events04-04-2015 How to Keep a Solid Faith During Final EventsCarlos Fernandez
03-28-2015 Passion and Compassion03-28-2015 Passion and CompassionPastor Alden Ho
03-21-2015 Bible Study 20103-21-2015 Bible Study 201Pastor Alden Ho
03-14-2015 Bible Study 10103-14-2015 Bible Study 101Pastor Alden Ho
03-07-2015 Complete Sacrifice03-07-2015 Complete SacrificeBenny Jenkins
02-28-2015 Conversion02-28-2015 ConversionBenny Jenkins
02-21-2015 Where Are They?02-21-2015 Where Are They?Pastor Alden Ho
02-14-2015 Cherrios and Fishy Crackers02-14-2015 Cherrios and Fishy CrackersPastor Alden Ho
01/31/2015 Do You Know What You01/31/2015 Do You Know What You're Eating? Part 2Pastor Alden Ho
01/24/2015 Do You Know What You01/24/2015 Do You Know What You're Eating?Pastor Alden Ho
01/17/2015 Your Health Matters01/17/2015 Your Health MattersPastor Alden Ho
01/10/2015 Saying No To Yourself01/10/2015 Saying No To YourselfPastor Alden Ho
01/03/2015 You Can01/03/2015 You Can't Live Without ItPastor Alden Ho
12/27/2014  170 Years12/27/2014 170 YearsPastor Alden Ho
12/20/2014 The Greatest Gift12/20/2014 The Greatest GiftPastor Alden Ho
12/13/2014 Reverence for His Holy Temple - Part 212/13/2014 Reverence for His Holy Temple - Part 2Pastor Alden Ho
11/29/2014 Stuffing or Starving?11/29/2014 Stuffing or Starving?Benny Jenkins
11/22/2014 Reverence for His Holy Temple11/22/2014 Reverence for His Holy TemplePastor Alden Ho
11/15/2014 Spiritual Yo Yo11/15/2014 Spiritual Yo YoPastor Alden Ho
11/8/2014 Reverence for His Word11/8/2014 Reverence for His WordPastor Alden Ho
11/1/2014 Reverence for His Name11/1/2014 Reverence for His NamePastor Alden Ho
10/25/2014 Reverence for His Presence10/25/2014 Reverence for His PresencePastor Alden Ho
10/18/2014 Set Free by the Truth10/18/2014 Set Free by the TruthPastor David Troyer
10/11/2014 What Happens When You Die?10/11/2014 What Happens When You Die?Ray Boaz
10/04/2014 I Do, Not10/04/2014 I Do, NotPastor Alden Ho
09/27/2014 Going Home09/27/2014 Going HomeJonathan Zirkle
09/26/2014 Week of Prayer09/26/2014 Week of PrayerJonathan Zirkle
09/25/2014 Week of Prayer09/25/2014 Week of PrayerJonathan Zirkle
09/24/2014 Week of Prayer09/24/2014 Week of PrayerJonathan Zirkle
09/23/2014 Week of Prayer09/23/2014 Week of PrayerJonathan Zirkle
09/22/2014 Week of Prayer09/22/2014 Week of PrayerJonathan Zirkle
09/13/2014 - Hurry Up God09/13/2014 - Hurry Up GodPastor Alden Ho
09/06/2014 - Marys and Marthas09/06/2014 - Marys and MarthasPastor Alden Ho
08/30/2014 - Rediscovering the Gospel08/30/2014 - Rediscovering the GospelPastor Adrian Solis
08/23/2014 Are They Became Like Them?08/23/2014 Are They Became Like Them?Randy Williams
05/03/2013 His or Yours?05/03/2013 His or Yours?Pastor Alden Ho
08/16/2014 - Here Today.  Gone Tomorrow?08/16/2014 - Here Today. Gone Tomorrow?Pastor Alden Ho
08/09/2014 Fake Snakes?08/09/2014 Fake Snakes?Pastor Alden Ho
08/02/2014 - Wireless Connectivity?08/02/2014 - Wireless Connectivity?Pastor Alden Ho
07/19/2014 - What Do You Say?07/19/2014 - What Do You Say?Pastor Alden Ho
07/05/2014 - I07/05/2014 - I'm SorryPastor Alden Ho
06/28/2014 - An Urgent Prophetic Calling06/28/2014 - An Urgent Prophetic CallingElder Ted Wilson
06/21/2014 - How Is Your Garden?06/21/2014 - How Is Your Garden?Pastor Alden Ho
06/14/2014 - Bad, Better, Best Father06/14/2014 - Bad, Better, Best FatherPastor David Troyer
05/31/2014 - Warning: Get Out Now!05/31/2014 - Warning: Get Out Now!Pastor Alden Ho
05/24/2014 Warning: Get Out05/24/2014 Warning: Get OutPastor Alden Ho
05/17/2014 - Don05/17/2014 - Don't Plan Without GodPastor Derek Lazarus
05/10/2014 - Faithful to Duty05/10/2014 - Faithful to DutyPastor Alden Ho
05/03/2014 Broken05/03/2014 BrokenPastor David Troyer
04/26/2014 What Is An Adventist?04/26/2014 What Is An Adventist?Pastor Alden Ho
04/05/2014 The Great Cover-up Revealed04/05/2014 The Great Cover-up RevealedPastor Alden Ho
03/29/2014 His Will or Yours03/29/2014 His Will or YoursPastor Alden Ho
03/22/2014 Soon and Very Soon03/22/2014 Soon and Very SoonPastor Alden Ho
03/15/2014 The Faith I Live By03/15/2014 The Faith I Live ByPastor Alden Ho
03/08/2014 Let Not Your Hearts Be Troubled03/08/2014 Let Not Your Hearts Be TroubledPastor Jeff Villegas
03/01/2014 Promises, Promises, Promises03/01/2014 Promises, Promises, PromisesPastor Alden Ho
02/22/2014 Through the Cracks02/22/2014 Through the CracksPastor Alden Ho
02/08/2014 The Stealth Message02/08/2014 The Stealth MessageRoger Alva
02/01/2014 The He-Man with a She-Problem02/01/2014 The He-Man with a She-ProblemPastor Alden Ho
01/25/2014 A Time for Joy01/25/2014 A Time for JoyPastor Alden Ho
01/18/2014 He Delivers and Rescues01/18/2014 He Delivers and RescuesEugene Prewitt
01/11/2014 Transformed01/11/2014 TransformedPastor Alden Ho
01/04/2014 The Gold Purification Process01/04/2014 The Gold Purification ProcessPastor Alden Ho